The system of yoga integrates the whole person using different techniques which originate from ancient sources.
Asanas (postures) support physical health by placing the body in positions that strengthen, stretch and massage the whole body and internal organs. They cultivate awareness of the inner sensations and balance body and mind. A comfortable and steady position is necessary for progressive practices like meditation. 
Pranayama (breathing techniques) is the expansion of the vital energy, the energy that activates all cells and organs and infuses us with life. Breathing practices invigorate and regulate body and mind and create awareness of the very subtle human experiences. With this awareness of the subtle dimensions yoga truly begins.
Satyananda Yoga Nidra™ (aware sleep) is a pratyahara technique in which the awareness is withdrawn from the senses and turned inward in order to contain the distractions of the mind. It is a state between sleeping and waking where the consciousness accesses deeper levels of awareness for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and regeneration. Satyananda Yoga Nidra™ is a systematic method developed by Swami Satyananda with great transformative effects.
Meditation (contemplation) is a state of mental clarity, emotional calmness and expanded consciousness which can only be understood through direct experience. Meditation techniques such as observing ones thoughts or breath and intense focus support peace of mind, wellbeing and transforming thought patterns.  

Sound Meditation

The power of sound has been used since ancient times for shifting the mind to higher states of awareness and to support overall physical and mental wellbeing. Sounds and vibrations harmonise the cells inherent vibrations inducing deep physical relaxation and ease. Energy is moved through the energy centres of the body releasing blockages on a physical, energy and emotional level. Brain waves slow down which assists one in entering the state of meditation where all limitations of the mind can be transcended. Sound meditation opens pathways for self-exploration and self-transformation. It is practiced lying down on the back in a relaxation pose allowing body and mind to be submerged in sound and vibrations.  |  078 711 69 01  |  Zurich  |  © 2020 Robin Caratsch