blissful balance

Robin Caratsch

sound meditation

guided group session


The session starts with settling into the present moment and creating openness for body and mind to receive the harmonising sounds. After the body is comfortably placed in shavasana the Tibetan singing bowls will start to be played. The vibrations produced by the bowls resonate with the seven chakras or energy centres embracing the energy system. Body and mind fall into a state of deep relaxation allowing the bodys innate healing mechanisms to recharge and regenerate the whole being. In the end of the session there is time to slowly externalise the awareness again and to integrate the experienced.

Open to all levels.


Bring warm and comfortable clothing.

Date and Time

6:15pm - 7:45pm

Friday, 17th of January 2020

Friday, 24th of January 2020

Friday, 14th of February 2020

Friday, 28th of February 2020


Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 195, 8037 Zurich

Price and Bookings

35 CHF | Spots are limited. For reservations please message 78 711 69 01 | Zurich, Switzerland


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