Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a practical system to explore and develop all aspects of our being and cultivate overall health and wellbeing.
Various practices support physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional stability balancing today's complexity of life. Expanding awareness of body, breath and mind brings one closer to oneself and opens the deepest knowing of inner bliss. Yoga promotes a harmonious life guided by practical wisdom, the integration of thought, emotion and action.
Devoted to facilitating moments of exploration and wellbeing, Robin shares a balanced practise which encourages bringing one's attention into the present experience of body and mind. 
Gentle and invigorating techniques allow to explore body and mind whilst establishing resilient wellbeing. The practise involves body movement (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), deep relaxation (shavasana/yoga nidra), meditation and is suitable for everyone. Believing that true transformation comes from regularity of practise she motivates including yogic tools into everyday life.
Robin has been practising yoga since her teenage years and more recently started focusing on the integrative teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga in which she has found a holistic method integrable into everyday life. She obtained certifications in Hatha Yoga (500hrs) and Sound Meditation, continuously evolving her practise she is presently completing all three in-depth trainings at Samatvam Yoga School. She complements her yogic studies with the study of western philosophy at University of Zurich.


Online Classes

Enjoy the convenience of doing yoga at home without having to rush from one place to another. Join a weekly online class or request a personalised session and allow yourself a time out from daily stresses.

One on One

The benefit of a private yoga or sound meditation session is that you can meet your personal needs, develop a routine at your own pace, learn the techniques in detail and practise with close support.


Organise a yoga class at your work place giving yourself and work colleagues a break to recharge and refocus and learn yoga techniques how to balance the demanding work environment.


Expand your knowledge and deepen your personal yoga practise in an intensive course where we combine various yoga techniques with the benefits of sound meditation to receive an in-depth experience. 


Massage your cells with vibration and rinse your mind with sound. Join a sound meditation group session every first and third Friday of the month in the heart of Zurich to start your weekend deeply relaxed.
Awareness is the key to the secrets of life. It will never disappoint you. It gives you knowledge, understanding and depth of character. 
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